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Welcome to my website, dedicated to the appreciation of the human form in all it's glory. The human body is the most incredible thing in the world; it embodies the whole of the seven sins from envy, pride and lust to gluttony and greed. What can generate more interest, fascination, beauty, ugliness, joy, shock, contempt or love than a human body?




1. carnal: relating to physical or, especially, sexual pleasure
2. voluptuous: suggesting a great deal of physical or, especially, sexual pleasure sensual lips
3. sensory: relating to the body or the senses as opposed to the mind or the intellect

[15th century.




1. arousing sexual feelings: arousing, or designed to arouse, feelings of sexual desire
2. marked by sexual desire: characterized by or arising out of sexual desire
[Mid-17th century. Via French

Synonyms :

aphrodisiac, bawdy, blue, filthy, fleshly, hot, impassioned, kinky, purple, raunchy, raw, romantic, rousing, steamy, stimulating, suggestive, titillating, voluptuous, lewd, lustful, obscene, stimulating, stirring, tactile

Member of The Guild Of Erotic Artists

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